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AMTRA Accredited courses allow users to gain AMTRA CPD points.  Points are awarded automatically once you have watched the interactive video, and the  questions within it have been answered correctly

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Controlling Parasitic Poultry Worms

This CPD module is provided by Elanco Animal Health and is worth 8 AMTRA points.

This module covers how to control parasitic worms in 'backyard' poultry, in three simple sections.

  • Introduction to parasitic poultry worms - Understanding how chickens become infected with parasitic worms and why worms are so successful.
  • Common parasitic poultry worms - Introducing the 4 common species of parasitic poultry worm: roundworm, hairworm, caecal worm and gapeworm.
  • Controlling parasitic worms in backyard poultry - Incorporating Flubenvet into an effective worming strategy and other key factors to consider to reduce the worm burden.

To access this CPD module, you will need to register and sign in to MyElanco. Simply do this by clicking on the link below.

The module should take 60 minutes to complete, and all three sections must be completed in order to access the final quiz and gain the CPD points. Remember you can only gain points for this module (A3085) once every 12 months.

Elanco also provide additional support materials about worming backyard poultry, available on MyElanco once you have registered and logged in.

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